Friday, November 14, 2014

Cold Weather

 We are getting a little cold weather here.  I enjoy the cold.  We don't get a lot of cold weather in this part of Texas.  It cracks me up to see everybody act like it is 20 below when it is in the 30's.  I do have to admit that it feels a lot colder because of the humidity.  When the wind blows it cuts into you.  We have had visitors here when we had a cold snap and they were surprised at how cold it felt.  We are going to be a little cold here for a while.  Then it will be typical Texas weather and get back up in the 70's.  That is the part I don't like.  If it would stay cool and not bounce around it would be so much better.
  I had to pick my bell peppers and eggplant from the garden so the frost didn't get them.  I have an eggplant plant the is the biggest thing I have ever seen.  My daughter put hay around the trunk, yes I said trunk, and covered it with a blanket.  I have been getting a lot of the purple goodies from that tree.  It is still full of small ones and I hope they make it.  It gets compost and water.  Nothing else.  I try to keep my garden as organic as I can.

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