Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crochet is Back On

 I was having some thumb pain after I worked on a Tunisian crochet project.  So what do you do when we have aches that we didn't have before? We blame what we were doing in the past few days.  Well I put the hook and project up thinking it would get put in my next garage sale.  The pain subsided after a few days. Then to my surprise when I went out to do a little gardening, the bloody aching pain hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was the hoe, or the way I used the hoe that caused the pain.  Ok so it wasn't the crochet's fault. Now what to do about my garden?  I have had this pain before.  Back when I played softball, the way I gripped the bat caused me thumb joint pain.  They make these thumb guards for batting.  I used them before, but not for gardening.  I will have to give it a try.
  I did get my crochet project back out.  So far no pain.  I just hope that I get a thumb guard before the weeds take over my garden.

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Pam Chatfield said...

I hope your thumb feels better. :)